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water purification

Finding and Purifying Water (Priority #1)

When in “survival mode”, keeping hydrated is of the utmost importance. Our bodies are made up of roughly 50-75% water, so it’s no wonder it tops the list of things you need to know how to acquire when your situation goes south.  Whether you are in a desert or a rain forest, or even at […]

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Bug Out Bag

The bug out bag, BOB, GO bag, or the 72 hour bag is your best bet in case of a major emergency; mega-quake, super-tsunami, World War III–your standard WSHTF scenario. BoBs primarily focus on evacuation, thus the term 72 hour bag, with the theory it would take disaster relief about 3 days to reach affected […]

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Wilderness Survival Knife

Survival Knives (Know Your Steel)

When it comes to fending for yourself in the great outdoors, there are few things that are more important than a quality wilderness survival knife. Steel composition of any fixed blade wilderness survival knife should not be overlooked when it comes to selecting the right one for you. You may end up relying on it for […]

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multi-use survival items

15 Multi-Use Survival Items (Save Weight)

To cut down on weight and gain the most value from your pack on your next outdoor adventure, Wage War Outdoors has put together an extensive list of valuable multi-use survival items.  These are things that you may not have thought of, but can be amazingly useful in a multitude of situations from the most […]

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GPS navigation

GPS (Get Home Every Time)

Do you ever stop and wonder what you actually NEED to be safe in the great outdoors?  Not just the latest and greatest gimiks, but the items that keep you warm, dry, fed, and at the end day ensure you know where home is and can actually get there.   GPS   The Global Positioning […]

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